This photo is currently framed and mounted on the wall above my dining table and often challenges my concept of perception and the way I use my ‘lens’ to view life.

I love that like music, photography and other art forms simply provide a creative means in which to express or capture emotion. For me this photo captures not only a fond memory as it was taken on my honeymoon but also a simplicity and beauty that leans on both the vast and overwhelming presence of the mountains and lakes to the subtle detail of a passing bird.

I am a very amateur photographer who took this photo leaning out of a window from the Chateu De Chillon, an old castle located on Lake Geneva in Switzerland. Whilst peering from the window of the castle, my attention was drawn to the small fishing boat that almost seemed to be swallowed by the vast lake and surrounding mountain ranges. Framing this shot was simple enough with the focal point being the fishing boat bordered by the amazing backdrop of creation.

However, it wasn’t until I was back at my hotel that I realized the bird in flight in the top right hand corner of the image and I think this is why I now love the photo so much. I guess for me it has challenged my perception on how I want to view this life. Sometimes I think I really try to focus on the obvious such as the example of the fishing boat where as often in life it is the subtle details that I may not see or envisage such as the passing bird that later bring me the most joy.

As we enter a new year with new goals, new directions and new challenges, don’t be afraid to challenge yourself to look past the obvious focal point in your life and create a space to be challenged and impressed by the more subtle and simple details that this life has to offer. It’s a vast world and a complex life but often it’s the small and somewhat insignificant details that help us to move forward as people. Happy New Year all and may it be one that is full of adventure and overcoming.






peaceful in character or intent.

Why PACIFIC? At the core of it, it’s what we want to be as people; ‘Peaceful in character or intent’.
I feel like that’s a desire that many people share. Deep down we want to feel peace and we want to be better as human beings.
Life can swing between incredible highs and the lows of the mundane daily grind and somewhere in the tension of it all, each of us is looking for balance, for restoration and for peace.

If I’m honest, sometimes I feel that life seems to be hell bent in it’s pursuit to bring out the opposite traits in all of us and over the past two years I’ve discovered that life is messy. It is a beautiful mess that forces us to grow or diminish. It calls us to stand or fall and sometimes both.

When life isn’t great we blame it on different things. For some, we give our misfortune the name of good luck or bad luck. Others blame God or turn to Him seeking resolution. Some blame their trials on the devil, and some people mark life’s events down as coincidence. Personally, I rely on faith and want to believe that things can always get lighter, especially in the times that I have found particularly dark.

No matter what our opinion is as to why life doesn’t always go our way, the reality is this; We are forced to decide whether we fight and move forward, believing for better, or whether we let our circumstances define us. Each of us is on a pursuit for peace and wholeness in a world that isn’t always peaceful.

We started this band because we needed an outlet to deal with these issues in our own lives and all three of us find some resolve in creating music.
Life is busy and there is more to life then music, but it does have a unique way of making us feel alive. There’s nothing quite like writing, collaborating and creating a song together. There is a beauty in the rawness and the way it makes you feel. It’s expression – not perfect, but honest.
I’ve written a thousand songs that no-one will ever hear, and we’ve played a thousand times together to an audience of none. Sometimes music is simply therapy. It’s a way to process and smile. We know that we share this feeling with so many others.

On the other side of a three-minute song are three lives. We’re doing our best to live it well while we learn, laugh, make mistakes and try to make good music.

If you are in pursuit for peace, for answers and for life, we welcome you on our journey. This blog is an attempt is to share our lives with you – the good the bad and the mundane, and we can listen to music on the way.

Callum, Kieran, Matt